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See your assets with new eyes

See more.

Understand more.

Automate more.

Save time.

Save money.

Gain control.

We understand all your assets are critical to you, which is why we monitor the smallest details, such as child assets, consumable spares, maintenance agreements, and lease cycles.



Like you, we never want to leave a stone unturned.



Vizualiiz brings unprecedented automation and visibility to your asset tracking. Our solutions have been designed to complement your existing DCIM software or stand alone as your single system.



Unlike many DCIM products, LightsOn can be fully installed – complete with all your data – in a matter of days.



Unlimited sites. Unlimited users. We scale to all sizes.

Our Approach

LightsOn unifies and organizes varied asset data in a single source. LightsOn is a web-based application that features robust inventory management tools, audit controls, a report writer, and a patented 3D visualization of your environment.



Track your entire asset lifecycle from delivery to decommission. Add, edit, move, or delete any asset, child asset, or consumable spare in real-time. LightsOn records a diverse array of data to provide unique insight into your business operations.



Spares Management You can finally gain control of an often overlooked, yet costly, resource. Order, receive, deploy, audit, and decommission consumable spare parts. Set inventory alarms to prevent supply disruptions.



3D Visualization Navigate your datacenter virtually. We provide you a 360° view to pinpoint the exact location and disposition of every asset, child asset, and consumable spare. Filter, sort, and search dozens of asset attributes throughout your datacenter.



Behind your firewall or in the cloud: LightsOn lives anywhere and plays well with your existing DCIM platform.

Our Products

Gain business intelligence. Generate superb data visualization of complex and complicated systems. Use analytics to convert your big data into decisive insight.


Adaptive node-and-edge design provides you with the power to define and represent any asset relationship or hierarchy. 

Scout is a mobile app integrated with handheld hardware that scans barcodes, QR codes, and RFID tags.

Scout goes into the field to seamlessly reconcile existing data with reality. Create, edit, and audit assets in the field. Scout automatically synchronizes changes to your data set with LightsOn.

Customize Customize asset types and their data fields. Reflect any type of relationship or association with advanced node-and-edge data schemas. Finally break the bonds of traditional relational databases to accurately represent your asset tracking.

Automate Automatically maintain meticulous records of each asset's lifecycle, including every data mutation made by whom at which date and time. Integrate environmental and/or performance monitoring to create an unmatched representation of your entire business ecosystem.

RFID Audits Scout scans up to 2,000 assets per hour. A typical audit takes minutes – not days – which means you can now afford to track critical assets with greater frequency, thus increasing your visibility and accuracy. Scout also produces detailed audit reports.

Online or offline.

Onsite or remote.

Android or iOS. 

Scout goes anywhere. 


16000 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Suite 1001

Mill Creek, WA 98012
+1 425 368 1806

We created Vizualiiz in 2008 to create innovative asset tracking solutions based on RFID technology.



We grew to become recognized as thought leaders on RFID, and our LightsOn software suite earned multiple patents. Since day one, we strived to build elegant inventory controls in the complex, complicated, and security conscious realm of datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM).



Our products and services evolved to expand beyond RFID and datacenters. We adopted an Internet of Things (IOT) approach to better connect various elements of complex businesses, so you can truly see and control your diverse corporate ecosystem.

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