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At Vizualiiz, we are proud to be leading datacenter asset management ito a new era. We continue to evolve our flagship software, LightsOn which has become the pre-requisite, foundational layer required by all DCIM and Service Management solutions.


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We set out to rewrite asset management history. Our approach began with these questions:


How can we fix where current asset management systems fall short?


How can we make the data center manager’s job easier?


How can we integrate modern technology to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while solving everyday asset management issues?


What would we want from an asset management partner?


The answers became the core tenets of Vizualiiz which was formed by industry veterans committed to ground-breaking change.


At Vizualiiz, our mission is to bring a long needed, strategic focus to data center, asset management, solving fundamental problems that have plagued the industry for years.


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