The Foundation Layer For Datacenters

Advanced RFID Inventory Management



Successful DCIM and Service Management initiatives in datacenters, must have an accurate account of physical asset inventories as their foundation. Yet in the vast majority of cases assets are at best inaccurately recorded, putting the datacenter and the business at risk from every imaginable direction.

The Foundation Layer


LightsOn is the fundamental underpinning for any datacenter management solution.


It streamlines the process of inventory management dramatically saving time and money.


Delivers a "system of truth" on which accurate inventory management can be achieved and then maintained automatically.


Using LightsOn a typical inventory audit can scan, capture, verify and validate more than 1500 in less than 15 minutes reducing this task for a typical data center inventory audit takes minutes instead of days.

True Differentiation - The Secret Sauce


LightsOn works In concert with all DCIM solutions delivering:


Agnostic use of any RFID tagging technologies


Proprietary, pre-built tagging and audit workflows that have been built specifically for mobile wireless devices.


3D Visualization of the datacenter to see / find / interogate assets


Full "what-if" analytics and reporting


Integrated Spares Management


Providing true collaboration between stakeholders across the enterprise

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