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RFID Inventory Management

LightsOn Scout

What is Scout?


the first touch screen, tablet-based application completely integrated with an asset management solution


a portable, turnkey application hosted on an Android devices provides automated bi-directional, wireless movement of data between Scout and the central database


fully enabled Bluetooth RFID and Barcode scanners and readers


comes out of the box with four pre-built workflows for 1st time tagging, inventory audits, receiving and transferring assets

LightsOn Scout: A wide array of inventory management capabilities


in data centers or when RFID tagging technologies are being introduced for the first time


automating quick, spot and full data center audits


tracking assets into data centers when new equipment is  received managing asset transfers between different racks, rooms, zones or data centers

True Differentiation - The Benefits


Velocity: Dramatic decrease in time to carry out essential asset management duties.


Average inventory audit takes 15 minutes per 1,500 assets


No Duplication: Uses any existing asset data as a basis for an initial and follow-on audit


Reduced Labor: Automating what is today a heavy and time-consuming manual process


Accuracy: Fully integrates with LightsOn for automated data verification / validation


Simplicity: Modern tablet based system providing simplicity in use and touch capabilities


Future Proof: Once an initial audit has been completed and loaded into LightsOn, the system is set for future rapid inventory audits

IMAC + Decommission


track new assets from delivery to decommission


edit asset states to accommodate Install, Move, Add, Change and Decommission actions


capture the chain of possession from the loading dock to the datacenter floor.


automate any change to an asset record and captures the process of change in LightsOn.

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