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LightsOn 3D

Advanced RFID Inventory Management



enables unprecedented 360º 3D visualization of the data center

NE, NW, SE, SW navigation controls provide helicopter and zoom in view of all servers, racks, and equipment as well as overhead cable trays and under floor views for power distribution

color-coding of asset details based on search and filtering criteria

visually zoom in at asset faceplate level for instant details 


Search all data center assets based upon need to know details 

“What if” scenario planning

Prebuilt reports, exportable to Word and Excel, provide fast detailed asset information

Reports on installs, short term assets, maintenance and financials

True Differentiation - The Secret Sauce


LightsOn works In concert with all DCIM solutions delivering:


Agnostic use of any RFID tagging technologies

Proprietary, pre-built tagging and audit workflows that have been built specifically for mobile wireless devices

3D Visualization of the datacenter to see / find / interogate assets

Full "what-if" analytics and reporting

Integrated Spares Management


Providing true collaboration between stakeholders across the enterprise

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