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Spares Management

Integrated Spares Management

What Is LightsOn Spares?


It's the first-ever, fully integrated Spares Management system designed specifically for data centers, by data center managers. It comes out of the box with controls across inbound goods, inventory management and deployment. It then offers pre-built workflows to smooth and simplify spares management process.

Fully integrated spares management capabilities includes


Track Spares: by manufacturer, model, model type, deployed, bin location and on order


Dashboard: visually displays the status of all spares activity including the ability to set alarms to monitor items to avoid potential supply disruptions


Pre-built Workflows: enable complete automation, tracking and management of spares


Receive: Tracks and accounts for all spares received into the store room


Manage: Removes the need for physical inventory counts and audits of spares in bins and cages


Deploy: Tracks the movement of spares from bins and cages and associates them with their new asset host.


True Differentiation - The Benefits


Visibility over the full management, tracking and  visibility of spares movement/deployment across multiple locations


Simplifies the inventory audit process 


Optimizes asset operations before a point of failure 


Reduces the potential for lost or stolen assets  


Streamlines manual processes with prebuilt workflows. Saves money,  time and reduces inefficiencies


Cuts downtime and loss of operational business support periods


Slashes maintenance and purchasing costs related to excessive overstocking


Rationalizes the need for an increased capital budgeting process 

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