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What You Should Know

Who We Are

Our Mission

At Vizualiiz, our mission is to bring a long needed, strategic focus to data center, asset management, solving fundamental problems that have plagued the industry for years.


Our Approach

Our approach began with these questions: How can we fix where current asset management systems fall short? How can we make the data center manager’s job easier? How can we integrate modern technology to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while solving everyday asset management issues? What would we want from an asset management partner? The answers became the core tenets of Vizualiiz which was formed by industry veterans committed to ground-breaking change.


Our Commitment

To provide premium technology solutions that makes asset management simple to implement, intuitive to use and infinitely more valuable. 


Our Purpose


To completely redefines the way data center assets are managed, bringing total visibility, analysis and automation. Our state-of-the-art LightsOn solution, integrates modern tagging and mobile technologies with advanced software on a robust, scalable and pre-built architecture.


Our Team


There’s something about Vizualiiz that goes beyond our solutions. How we represent ourselves to our customers is everything at Vizualiiz. It is our team that inspires and constantly everyone they come in touch with. It's their innovation that makes us the premier provider of enterprise class asset management software in the market.


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